Support Keeping Food Banks Full

Miss AgriBusiness Farm Pageants to Raise Food

Did you know that last year 1 out of every 6 people in the country were without proper food and nutrition? That means approximately 1 in every 6 of our neighbors could have been going without the food they need to stay healthy and keep their loved ones healthy as well.


One person going without food is bad enough, but 1 in 6 is way too high of a number. If we work together, though, we can change that. The actions of one single person can impact thousands of lives.

If you don’t believe us, just look at history. Every decision ever made has had a ripple effect on whole neighborhoods, bloodlines, states, countries, and at times, even the world.

Our actions have consequences- this fact is unchanging and uncontrollable. What we can control is whether those consequences have a positive or a negative impact.

Miss AgriBusiness has made a conscious decision to make a lasting positive impact through several avenues. One of these is in the ways we support keeping food banks full.

We use our farm pageants to raise food. Our queens donate nonperishable items in place of monetary entry fees. Throughout each queen’s reign, she also works to raise food and awareness to the cause as well as donating her time and energy to local communities.

Miss AgriBusiness also has AgVocates who spend time traveling to trade shows and other events to raise awareness and funds. The donations we gather support keeping food banks full while the awareness we work to raise inspires others to be a change as well.

As a whole, we have to take care of our neighbors and loved ones. If only a few people work toward promoting change in each town, we can feed those in need. It takes but one ripple to make an impact. Join us today and start making your own ripples.