National Sponsorship

"The Cover Model Program"


 All Queens competing at Nationals  are required to obtain at least one FUll-page of sponsorship for the National Pageant Program Book (1/4 page $75...1/2 page $150 ... or Full Page $300...or 10 business cards $30 per business card).

To meet their one-page requirement Queens may obtain at least one of the following

 One $300, full-page Sponsor or

Two $150 Half pages sponsors or four  or

Four $75 (1/4) page sponsors or

Ten $30 business card sponsors.

If your Full Page Sponsorship is submitted by May 1st at midnight (the Queen) will receive ONE FREE TICKET TO THE NOT TO BE MISSED "COWS & HUGS" party on Friday night after check-in!


Your sponsor can be a local business or you can be sponsored by your friends and family.

(See forms below and requirements below)



However, you don't have to stop with one sponsor.   Our National Cover Model will be the Queen who collects the most sponsorship funds.   The National Cover Model will be featured on the front of the National Pageant Program book.   She will receive her beautiful National sash and crown and a National Queen's prize package.


National Sponsorship funds go to help provide the money necessary to provide educational and fun Agriculture related events for our Queens.   

This program is designed to help you earn the National Cover Model Title.


1.  Business must fill out the form below and YOU must submit the form along with a physical BUSINESS CARD to the National Office VIA The United States Postal Service.     If businesses want to email a card they can email it to If the ad is out of proportion or poor quality it will be cropped to fit regardless of ads intent. If the ad is not sent to admin@ by the cutoff date or the queen's information is left our it will be omitted from the program no refunds. The Business Card Ads will appear in their very own section of the program;  thanking them for their support of the Queens and our mission to educate the public about the role of women in Agriculture.

2.  THE DEADLINE for this program will also be May 10th (ABSOLUTE DEADLINE).   Ads of any type submitted after May 10th will not count towards the "Cover Model" program nor will they appear in the Official 2022 America's Miss Agribusiness Program and Keepsake.


3.  If you are only getting business cards you will need at least 10 separate cards for your mandatory ad. Business cards are a GREAT way to win COVER MISS.

4. Email  questions to (Trae will help you in any way he can)

Your ad and text need to be sent to 

If you DO NOT HAVE A PRE MADE AD  you may send the pictures and information you wish to include in the ad to and our webmaster (Trae) can design your ad for you for a  small fee depending on the amount of work that is needed. Ad designs will be higher quality than the examples below.  Ads designs can be as little as $19.99 up to $199.00 with Full photoshop and your rights to reuse the add for other purposes. 

Friends and Family Sponsorship

Business Sponsorship

1\4 Pages need to be oriented in a verticle layout

ad size.jpg

Quarterpage Example

ad test.png

1\2 Pages need to be oriented in a horizontal layout

HAlf PAge Example