2020-2021 National Confirmation Page

This page is for all America's Miss Agribusiness Queen's to confirm that they will be competing at this year's 2020-2021 National Pageant at the beautiful Hyatt Regency (Wynfrey) Hotel in Birmingham (Hoover) Alabama.


All State Queens are  qualified to compete in the two mandatory competitions:

Personal Introduction & Evening Wear.   Some of the title packages came with the "Western Wear" Themed Optional.  (Check with your State Director if you are unsure of what came with your title.)

State Title (BASIC) your package also includes both mandatory competitions (Personal Introduction and Evening Wear). You must purchase at least one optional.   Remember:  Your total score is based on your Personal Introduction PLUS your Evening Wear PLUS Your ONE HIGHEST OPTIONAL SCORE.


State Title (DELUXE) your package also includes the "Western Wear" optional.  Basically, you have everything you need to compete except for your Competition Tee Shirt and your one-page sponsorship.   However, extra optionals are fun and they ensure that if you happen to "goof" on one optional you have other scores that will take its place.   Extra optionals are also needed in case of a tie.


All Queens (regardless of title or package purchased) must purchase a Competition Tee Shirt (this year they are white with our full-color logo on the front.

You may purchase as many extra optionals as you wish (there is a small extra fee for additional optionals.)

Why do you need extra optionals: 

1.  They are fun! 

2.  Your overall score is comprised of your PERSONAL INTRODUCTION plus your EVENING WEAR plus your ONE HIGHEST OPTIONAL SCORE....  if you happen to have a bad day and you mess up with one optional... you have other optional scores to move forward.   

3.  In addition and VERY IMPORTANT... in case of a TIE IN YOUR DIVISION, we move the next highest optional score into the Queens Scores who are tied.   If you don't have an extra optional score to move forward... that's a Zero.


Optionals that count toward your overall score are listed below:


Western Wear:  Show us your inner cowgirl.  Have fun and use your imagination.   Your outfit can be as plain or as fancy as you like.  $65


Fashionista Agribusiness Style:  This is your opportunity to show us (in fashion) what your State produces.   $65


Essay:   (Topic to be announced)  $65


Interview:   A 3--5-minute private interview with the judges.  This is your first opportunity to make a good impression on the team of judges.   Questions will be age-appropriate, non-political and non-technical (in other words no questions are how to fix a tractor.  However, if you state you have experience or knowledge in an area that one of the judges may also have experience in they might ask more difficult questions.    $75

All Queens must have a least a one-page sponsorship(s) in our official 2020 America's Miss Agribusiness Program. 

More information can be found at https://www.americasmissagribusiness.com/nationalsponsorship


We will be crowning a 2020 America's Miss Agribusiness, Miss Photogenic.   This is a totally separate competition and does not count towards your overall score.


2020 America's Miss Agribusiness National Miss Photogenic. 

The entry fee for this competition includes 3 (three) photos.   You may purchase up to three additional photos for a total of 6 (six).   Your top three scoring photos will be used to determine your score for both the Divisional Photogenic Award and the National Miss Photogenic Title.  $75 for three photos and $15 for each additional photo up to three.

Photos can be professionally taken or not.  They should be 8 X 10.

We are not looking for traditional "Pageant Pictures".  You are America's Miss Agriculture Queens...we are not your typical pageant systems.   Our judges will be looking for pictures of you doing your Agribusiness Activities.   However, a headshot or two is totally okay!  A mix of both would probably be perfect.




1.  Fill out the Confirmation Form you will find at the very bottom of this page and submit it.


2.  Order and pay for your Competition Tee Shirt.  You will need it for both Personal Introduction and Interview.


3.  Choose any extra optionals you would like and pay for them.  You can do this over the course of the next couple of months.  You don't have to pay for everything all at one time.  


4.  Remember each queen must have at least a one-page sponsorship ($500)  in the official 2020 America's Miss Agribusiness Program.   For more information see:



5.  Don't forget to make your room reservations!  We have a very limited room block in the beautiful Hyatt-Regency Wynfrey Hotel.   It is an experience in itself.   Remember to book int the room block with the link below. 

The link will be posted as soon as the hotel gives Trae the all-clear on the COVID 19 Situation. 

The "Hugs and Cows, Cattle Auction and Dinner"

All Queens and their family members are invited to attend the "Hugs and Cows Cattle Auction and Family style dinner".  This party will be the "EVENT" to attend during Nationals 2020.   Queens will be using the "Ag-Mazing Mazies" that they have earned to take home PRIZES!   If you have a load of Cows, you might want to bring an extra suitcase to take your loot home in!   Ask the Celebrations Queens about parties.  They are amazing!   Don't Miss This Event!

Now, I've always said "it's not what you eat, it's where you eat it" and that certainly applies to our awesome National Host Hotel... they are a five-star, upscale, "southern" tradition.  Their food is amazing but it is not cheap.  However, it is so much more fun to have the dinner at the hotel than trying to do it off-site! 

YOU CAN EARN YOUR TICKET!   Queen's may earn their ticket by meeting the date in our "ON TIME SPONSORSHIP BONUS" program.   If your Sponsorship and your ad are into the National Office by September 15, 2020, you get your (the Queens) ticket as a BONUS!

Extra Tickets for your family and friends can be purchase here!

COWS AND HUGS CATTLE AUCTION AND DINNER......................................................................... $95


Questions or Comments Contact us


Check out our sister program at www.misscelebrationsusa.com

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