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America's Miss Agribusiness Nationals

AWARDING $7000 in Scholarships!


Miss Agribusiness

All titles lead to Nationals

America's Miss Agribusiness National Pageant


  Where we will be awarding $7000 in scholarships ($1000 to our National Junior Miss, $1000 to our National Teen Miss, $1000 to our National Miss, and $1000 to  the Queen with the overall highest score, no matter what age division she is from!)

We will also be awarding three (3) National AgVocate titles.  National AgVocates are two-year reigns that come with a $1000 Scholarship for each year of service.


It is IMPORTANT that you claim your title now; so you can get started representing your county/state at local fairs, festivals, rodeos, and equipment shows, just to name a few. These are some appearances you will want to make......and we haven't even mentioned riding in parades! Then there is the important "Queen's Work"; visiting children's hospitals, nursing homes, and supporting community service projects locally and State Wide.


To begin your AgMazing journey representing your county or state as an America's Miss Agribusiness Queen, simply fill out the registration form and submit your registration fee. 

Where you begin will depend on your State's Program.

 In states that have an existing America's Miss Agribusiness Program,  you will need to begin as a County Queen (representing your County or one near you).   As a County Queen, you will make appearances, ride in parades etc.  Then you will compete at your 2020 America's Miss Agribusiness State Pageant.   You may purchase a Basic County Title Package or a Deluxe County Title Package.                                                                                                                   

You will find more information on your State Page.

If your state is part of the National Area, (this means that we will not be hosting a "State Pageant/Competition" in your state this year; then you will be able to purchase a State Queen's Title Package and move directly to Nationals.   State Queen's Title Packages are available in both a Basic Package and a Deluxe Package.

(More information on your Director's National Area State Page.)


County Appointed Delegates Program

(Purchasing your County Title Package)

County can become your County's America's Miss Agribusiness by purchasing a County Queen's Title Package.

You have the choice of a BASIC PACKAGE (which includes your County Title, your beautiful America's Miss Agribusiness County Sash, and your beautiful America's Miss Agribusiness County Crown.  This package also includes your basic registration for your State Pageant Competition.  

Or you may choose to purchase your title by ordering a DELUXE COUNTY TITLE PACKAGEThis package will include your County Title, your beautiful America's Miss Agribusiness Sash, your beautiful America's Miss Agribusiness Crown, an America's Miss Agribusiness Tee Shirt along with the ONE THEMED OPTIONAL you will need to compete at your State Pageant.

All Queens are required to have at least one sponsor. 


State Appointed Delegates Program

(Purchasing your State Title Package)

Your BASIC STATE TITLE PACKAGE includes your State Title, your beautiful custom State Sash, and your absolutely gorgeous State Comfort Crown.  This Package also includes your basic registration fee for Nationals  (your mandatory competitions: Evening Wear and Personal Introduction).

All Queens are required to complete in at least one optional competition at Nationals .

All Queens are required to have at least one sponsor.  ( National Sponsorship)                    Please,  remember, that there are only 3 titles per division per state (Smaller states may only have 1 title per division!)   

Don't delay, your title will go quickly.   If there are other states you would be proud to represent (in case your state is full) please list them on the application form.  Again, once everything has been submitted you should from your State or National Director within 48 hours.


Your DELUXE STATE TITLE PACKAGE includes your State Title, your beautiful custom State Sash, your absolutely gorgeous State Comfort Crown, an America's Miss Agribusiness Tee Shirt, and your America's Miss Agribusiness cap.   Included in your Deluxe State Title Package is your basic registration fee for Nationals, plus the "Western Wear" optional for Nationals. (Mandatory Competitions: Evening Wear and Personal Introduction) . The Deluxe Package has everything you need to compete at Nationals except your National Sponsorship. 





Sherry Lee Crews

National Director

America's Miss Agribusiness


**America's Miss Agribusiness has never required that you attend Nationals.  We would love to have you represent your state at our awesome National Pageant...however, we have never REQUIRED it!