Please Read Carefully


By submitting your application or attending an America’s Miss Agribusiness pageant you are agreeing to the rules and regulations brought forth in this disclaimer.  Contestants or Legal Guardian (if under the age of 18) agrees to the following by submitting  payment.

I understand that EVERYONE in our party including the contestant is to be a good sport at all times. The America’s Miss Agribusiness Pageant Program reserves the right to rescind any title and/or refuse entry to any event, due to any behavior or action we deem so. I also understand that anyone in the contestants' party or the contestant, who display bad sportsmanship, or any type of negative behavior will be asked to leave the premises (or removed forcibly if necessary) and that this behavior could result in the disqualification of their contestant. I understand that the National Director and/or the Associate/State/Preliminary Director reserves the right to refuse entry into the pageant for any reason as deemed necessary.

I hereby release waive and forever discharge Rebeca Crews /TBF & C Inc. and/or Dwight Crews and their members, agents, subcontractors, employees, the promoter’s sponsors or advertiser’s owners and lessees of premises used to conduct this event and each of them their officers and employees from all liability.   I grant the America’s Miss Agribusiness Pageant Program the right to use any photo taken of the contestant or the contestants family or guests for our own use. Photographs may be used on the website and/or in advertising of the pageant program. I understand that all funds submitted included but not limited to the entry fee is non- refundable and non-transferable to another pageant or contestant should the registered contestant be unable to attend for any reason or released from the system due to poor sportsmanship.


I agree to abide by all rules and guidelines and show respect to fellow contestants and staff. I understand that as part of my prize package I will  advance to America’s Miss Agribusiness State/National Pageant (pending my required ad fee and official state tee shirt purchase unless otherwise noted). I further understand that I may be subject to a Code of Ethics and representation clause to be signed immediately upon receiving my sash and crown. I also understand that if attendance is found to be to low or an unforeseen circumstance or disaster occurs money will not be refunded, in lieu of refund, titles will be issued without competition or pageant will be rescheduled or pageant will be held virtually.

 I certify that the submitted information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.