Beauty Pageants in Alabama

Miss AgriBusiness Food Drive Pageants in Alabama

Agriculture is one of the top two industries in Alabama with the second being forestry. The state has more than 43,000 farms that cover more than 8.9 million acres altogether. Agriculture is something the state relies heavily upon as 1 of every 4.6 jobs is in agriculture leading to about $70.4 billion of Alabama’s annual economy.

Top Agricultural Products From Alabama

While agriculture is important to Alabama itself, Alabama’s agricultural offerings are also important to the rest of the country. These offerings include:

  • Cotton

  • Soybeans

  • Poultry

  • Calves

  • Cattle

  • Catfish

  • Pecans

  • Peanuts (more than 800 million pounds each year, making them the 2nd highest supplier in the nation)

  • Sod

Alabama Hunger Facts

With agriculture being so big in Alabama, it may come as a shock that 1 in 6 Alabamians struggle with hunger, and 1 in 4 of those are children. According to research and calculations, Alabama citizens need $400,000,000 more each year to meet food needs for their families. This is another area the state ranks high- it has the 2nd highest food hardship rate in the nation.

Bridging the Gap

There are a couple of factors that cause a state that produces so much to also need so much. First, the crops need to be sold in order to pay mortgages and other bills. Therefore, the majority of what Alabama produces must go out.

Second, not everyone is aware of these statistics. Without being nosy, it is difficult to know if your neighbor is struggling without them telling you. And since so many are struggling in the state, it can be difficult to determine who needs the most help. Also, some people do not help simply because they have no idea how to help or where to start.

This is where our beauty pageants in Alabama come in. Bringing our food drive pageants to an area in such need allows America’s Miss AgriBusiness to raise food and awareness. Our queens do their parts throughout their reigns to improve their local community, especially in the hunger area.

We aim for every single one of our beauty pageants in Alabama to feed many people in need, to influence others to spark a change, and to give those who wish to help an avenue through which to do so. It also gives our Alabama queens a chance to earn scholarship money so they can provide a better future for their own families.

Keep an eye out for our America’s Miss AgriBusiness Food Drive Pageants in Alabama, and join us to influence change for this beautiful state!