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America's Miss Agribusiness

State Royal Miss Voting

Royal Miss is one of our most coveted titles, this title helps to fund the scholarship program as well as helps us to maintain the high qualities that you have come to expect from our program!

Royal Miss is strictly voted on by friends and family of the contestants, votes are $1 each, the contestant  who collects the most votes will be awarded the title of our State Royal Miss (we will crown one Alabama and one Florida).  Contestant's Competing at State will have their picture posted on this page once they reach 50 Votes.   Remember, everyone can vote, friends, family, etc.   Voters can purchase as many votes as they like and can vote as many times as they like.

Queens will receive their beautiful America's Miss Agriculture Official State Sash and Crown, their prize bag (to include logo merchandise), and their Basic Entry Fee to our National America's Miss Agribusiness Pageant to be held October 16-17, 2020 in
beautiful Birmingham (Hoover), Alabama!

Royal Miss

Olivia Kadeba

Good Luck from Abbeville Family and Bill & Patty Nolze

We Love You Livie! Kirk Hartwell

Derby Sherrell

Good Luck Derby! We love you!

Love, KK & Spencer


Good Luck Derby!!! Susanne Ward

Good Luck Sweetie! Do your best & keep smiling! Lorri Swafford

Good Luck Cousin! Love Maverick

Good Luck!! Aunt Becky & Kali


We love you. Pop and YaYa


Good Luck Derby! Tracy Kerby

Good Luck Derby Quinn.

Love Daddy, Momma and Axel

Maycee Marton

Aunt Ash loves you!

The Mellette Family Loves You!

Good Luck Sweet Girl! Momma loves you!

Nana loves you Miss Maycee! Good Luck Sweet Girl!

We love you Maycee!! Uncle Bobo and Aunt Angie and Cam!

Good Luck sweet girl! Evie Mauldin

Best of Luck - Love, The Penabellas

Good Luck my Sweethoney!

Love Daddy

Good Luck Maycee!!

Lorelei loves you

Good Luck! Love RaeRae

Good Luck sweet girl! Mrs. Tiffany & your dazzling royalty family love you!!

Aunt Kim, Brooke, & Wesley

love you!

Go get 'em girl! Rachel Padgett

Aunt Kels loves you Maycee

Good Luck Beautiful!

Kimberly Koons

Aunt Shannon, Corbin, and Uncle Chris knows you got this!

Love you! Shelly & Juli

Aunt Cari loves you so much!

Good luck Maycee! We love you! Aunt Vicki and Uncle Marc!

Lauren Duffell

Best of luck Lauren, I love you more than anything - Mom

Lauren you are beauty inside and
out. Good Luck. Pamila Adams

Good Luck Lauren!! From
Ms. Audrea

God Luck! Wronda Davis

Good Luck Lauren! Melissa Bartlett

Good luck Lauren!! We love you!

- Leah

Jasmine Brown

Mimi and Pepaw love you!!

Love you so much always!

Erin LaGrosse


Savanna Strickland

We love you Savanna!

Love, Momma, Daddy, Sadie

and Carlie

Good Luck from Sharron Shirley!

Love you!

Good Luck!!! We love you!!

Love Nana and Papa

We are so proud of You Beautiful!!!

Sessa & DeDan

Good Luck from your Forestry Family! Love Leslie B.

Good Luck Savanna!

Love Mimi and David

Good Luck Beautiful!!!

Love Daddy

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