Agriculture Scholarship Competitions

America’s Miss AgriBusiness Farming Scholarship Opportunities

Agriculture is an important part of life. It provides a large amount of food but is also the main source of raw materials used in textile and other industries. Without agriculture, life as we know it would cease to exist. That is why it is so important for the care, growth, and innovation of agriculture to continue throughout the next generations.

America’s Miss Agribusiness is dedicated to this cause. With a team steeped in the world of agriculture from an early age, we understand just how important it is to this nation’s survival. We want to help drive support and awareness of just how important agriculture is.

Simultaneously, we want to make the country aware of a sad fact: There are too many people in the U.S. who simply do not have the food they need to feed their families. Through our work, we hope to change that.

All of our agriculture scholarship competitions are more than just farming scholarship opportunities- they are also food drives designed to help food banks feed more people. We do not stop there, though. Our programs are designed to support both the present and the future.

For instance, Miss AgriBusiness queens are encouraged to do the following:

  • Support and promote agribusiness from visiting local farms to raising awareness

  • Be involved in community service, especially with local food banks and other organizations that feed the hungry

  • Spreading awareness of the America Miss AgriBusiness program, which leads to more support and more food being raised to go to helping the 1 in 6 American families who do not have enough to eat

Our queens get the opportunity to support their local communities as well as our national program, create new friendships, and potentially gain more funds for her college fund.

We invite you to become a vital part of our agriculture scholarship competitions and other programs by representing your county or state as a queen, becoming an AgVocate to help raise funds and awareness or to donate time and resources to support a cause that benefits the good of the entire country.