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AgMAzing Radio Interview

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AgMAzing Radio Interview

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AgMAzing Radio Interview

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AgMazing Radio Interview


Michaela Cobler

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America's Miss Agribusiness

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Welcome to America's Miss Agribusiness Scholarship Competition and  Pageantry Program.  Our program focuses on America's heartland, it's values, and America's Agricultural Industries.   Americas Miss Agribusiness'  leadership began this program with a passion for agribusiness stemming from a love for all things that made America the greatest country in the world. "Growing America's Future"  and "Beauty by Action", are our guiding principles. All of our National Leadership Team comes from a long line of farm and ranch families.



Agribusiness  is the industry of farms and ranches, from the smallest family farm  to the largest commercial  farm and ranch operations. It also entails the manufacture and distribution of farm equipment and supplies,the processing, storage, and distribution of farm commodities. Agribusiness encompasses all  research and development in the agricultural field; creating the technology, practices, and machinery needed to feed the world's growing population. 

What is Agribusiness

Last year, 1 in 6 people were without proper food and nutrition. This is why our Queen's are dedicated to helping those who need it most. All of our pageants are food drives. We concentrate on filling food bank shelves; veterans and senior citizens' pantries; and rescue mission's needs.

We dedicate this mission of feeding the hungry to America's unsung heroes, our farmers and ranchers; without whom no one would eat. America's Miss Agribusiness is honored to offer our Queens a crown to be proud of, a reign in which to learn, personal growth, and  friendships that will last a lifetime. (and the chance to add to her Scholarship Account).

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Questions or Comments Contact us

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